Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cashing in and Confusing the Crowds.

The names of our iconic sport stadiums confuse me.  I have no idea where they are anymore and the worst part is ... that every few years they change names.  I don't watch so much sport but my conundrum is when I am thinking of concerts or big matches like the football.

The SFS is still the SFS, the MCG is still the MCG.  But there are some other popular stadiums where I have no idea where they are or if its in the city or in the 'burbs. 

There is (or is it was?) the Telstra Dome, Acer Arena, Etihad Stadium, ANZ Stadium ... its all so hard to know what is what!  After a little research, I found out it's all over Australia!  The Dairy Farmers Stadium, AAMI Stadium, Coopers Stadium, Medibank Stadium, Lexus Centre, St George Stadium.

This is the Telstra Dome ... when it was the Telstra Dome.

This is the Etihad Stadium, nee Telstra Dome. Same stadium, different signage and paint job.

Apart from the inconveinience of not knowing where to go, my question is ... how far would they go to sell out an icon or location?

Would it be far fetched to see the NSWGovernment sell out our Sydney Harbour Bridge? Our Pylons are already abused during New Years Eve festivities, but it could be year round with a sign mounted on the top.  Does the QANTAS Bridge go down well with you? Or how about the Pantene or Sunsilk Bridge?

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