Monday, November 9, 2009

Hey Big Spender!

How much would you expect to pay for a Sydney view like this?

On the Saturday just passed, the ex-French Consulate of Sydney, "Le Manoir" was sold to Murdoch heir, Lachlan and his family. Sold for a jaw dropping $23 million. The highest price ever for a Sydney property.

So what does this mean for the average Sydney-sider?
  • $23 million has gone to the French Governement and not staying to stimulate the NSW/Australian economy. 
  • The property is now owned by Aussies and a great Aussie family if I may say so :-)
  • The Murdoch Vs Packer tango is clearly won by the Murdochs this year.  
  • The Australian Women's Weekly Magazine is probably already salivating at the idea of being invited to cover "behind closed doors" to see how the family live in their new abode.
  • If our frisbee lands next door, we can yell out "little help" instead of finding the French equivilant. (although I'm sure the French equivilant would sound more dainty)
  • Me thinks they will need someone to mow the grass ... Jim's Mowing, kaching! kaching!
  • A Gatsby-esque party or two? Ohh, I hope so and here's hoping I have moved up in the food chain to be invited! Or at least see it in the Social pages on Sunday.
  • You're off to the US for a while? Something for Daddy dearest? Oh ... where will I find a housesitter for you?
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