Friday, November 27, 2009

Malcolm in the Middle - The ETS

It's hot in Canberra this week and its not the temperature!  So much is happening in regards to the ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme) legislation and Liberal party leadership.  Its passing will have major ramifications but this is my perspective ...

  1. Regardless if you are on the side of believers or non-believers of climate change, there is a need to act sustainably.  Using less water, going shopping with re-useable bags, shorter and colder showers, printing less and saving paper, reduce-reuse-recycle, yadda yadda yadda.  Acting sustainably saves money and other resources.  Its a no brainer.
  2.  Malcolm Turnbull has done what any good leader should, that is to work with the government on addressing the legislation, fighting climate change and preventing a double dissolution.  As you know, I am a Rudd fan but I do see the value and potential in Turnbull.  It was admirable of him to step up to the task.  He's made the tough calls, listened to voters and I dont think this should have damaged him the way it has.
  3. The legislation wont make anyone really happy.  The Greenies are not happy with the Government taking small steps and the Libs are not happy because they are going to be out of pocket.  What is the Government supposed to do?  Operating greener does cost more money in the short and medium term.
  4. I want to see action taken on climate change but .... with produce already so high, how much higher will it go?  Just this week bananas are $5 a kilo and petrol is $1.27/litre.
  5. Agriculture Carbon aka Animal Farts.  I'm just glad this is now exempt from the legislation being passed.  Next thing you know humans would be charged for farting!  Its a normal and natural process. Reminds me of an episode from South Park.  The community was told to abstain from farting in an effort to reduce pollution.  The result?  Some of the towns people exploded from pent up methane pressure. Spontaneous_Combustion (South Park episode)
How will the ETS affect the normal folk?

Maldives Government having a meeting in their Parliament House if the water level keeps rising.

  • We'll feel that we are finally doing something more substantial for the environment.  I don't want to see the Maldives swallowed up by the Indian Ocean!
  • We walk into Copenhagen talks with a decision already made - taking a global leadership role (a sense of pride will ensue)
  • Electricity will cost more over a certain point ... thus consumables will cost more if the producing company is a polluter.
  • More "green " start up businesses and tenders will be given to those operating in a more environmentally friendly way
  • Households will work harder to minimise costs, operate more efficiently, buy better more energy efficient electricals.
I just hope the government helps households out who want to invest in renewable energy, more insulation and sky lights.  I hope they also allow more overseas technology to filter in, more is thought about energy efficient cars and if we want more efficiency, we need more efficient internet!

Its going to be a nerve wracking weekend long wait.  Who will be the new Liberal leader?  We'll find out Monday, fingers crossed its Malcolm!

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