Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Edward Effect

As a young and independent woman who doesn't like to get swayed by things, I unfortunately fell for the idea of Twilight. But ... I do have my reasons.

I randomly saw the Twilight dvd in my local library. Thinking that if it's available and no one wanted it, it would be alright for me to watch it. I watched it that day and fell in love with the whole idea, especially the Edward Cullen character. Literally 2 days after I borrowed it, the media started to go crazy about "New Moon" and all the publicity junkets with the stars.

As I watched the movie for the 3rd time, I started making a list of why I was attracted to Edwad Cullen.

  1. LOOKS GREAT IN A SUIT.  (massive tick in my books!)
  2. Protective of Bella, but not in a stalker way.
  3. Chivalrous.  Opens the car doors, lets Bella in through door was first, lets her keep the golden onion and check the microscope first.
  4. He has self-control and restraint. (I loved it how he could stop kissing her but she couldn't!)
  5. Comes from a good, supportive family.
  6. He's smart and bookish.
  7. Plays the piano. (in real life he sings and plays the guitar.)
  8. Great sense of dress and style.  (I loved the grey winter jacket and the suit at the prom.)
  9. Has a great car that suits his style. (A Volvo, who would have thought!)
  10. Not violent, unless he is protecting you.
  11. He's sensitive.  Writes in his journal, has self-esteem issues and keeps to himself.
  12. Humble.  He doesn't have all the latest gadgets and gizmos.  No Wii, iPhone or laptop.
  13. Sporty and athletic.  He runs fast, plays baseball, climbs trees (when was the last time anyone did that!) and doesn't do it as a show pony.
  14. Is jealous.  When Bella talks to Jacob, Edward says that he's away for 5 minutes and all the wolves come out.
  15. Wants to formally meet Bella's father before their date.  (a must for a chivalrous boy!)
  16. HE CAN DANCE and moreover, he teaches Bella to dance.
  17. He is with you through sickness and in health.  Stays at Bella's bedside when she is in hospital.
Coming back down to earth, Edward does have an innate desire to kill Bella, he has his stalking ways and is over 100 years.  If it wasn't for his looks and my superficial ways, the richter scale would not have moved.

Photos taken from: - Edward and Bella. - Edward and his style - Edward and Bella going to Prom.

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