Monday, November 16, 2009

Best job in the World

I attended my first webinar last week through The Happiness Institute.  The webinar was about Creating the Best Job in the World for Yourself.  Practically every activity,  Professor Tim Sharp discussed and went through was something that I had heard of or still practiced or used. All very useful activities and things to do and I guess a timely reminder for me to remeber what path to take.  I felt really happy knowing that the same principles I adopt were the ones 'Dr Happy' uses and advocates.

1. Taken from the 7 Highly Effective Habits ... the Circle of Influence Vs Circle of Concern. Minimise your issues and areas of concern by working out what is it that you have control over and exploit them to overcome your concerns.

2. Be as positive as you can!  A happy workers is a good worker (ofcourse within reason, if your boss is an ogre, its not going to make you very happy.)  You have control over your own emotions and your reactions, if you have a good day or a bad day - the choice is yours.  Your positive outlook will be infectious within the office and your collegues and clients will be infused with your happiness.

3. The NASA Idea.  I love this one, it is my favourite.
Its the story of a very happy and smiling janitor cleaning the hallways of NASA HQ before man landed on the moon.  When asked by the then US President, "what are you doing?" The janitor replied, "Putting a man on the moon!" His conviction, determination and optimism is inspiring.  The high-ups in NASA are also to be congratulated for instilling the vision, drive and goal into their emloyees, regardless of how bottom-of-the-food-chain they are.

I hope that one day I can lead a team or an organisation and instill this NASA ideology with them.

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