Saturday, October 9, 2010

Values based Conundrum ...

I was recently booking accommodation in Japan for my upcoming trip when I came across one hotel that stated clearly (& multiple times) that ... "No 2 men can stay in the same room...".

What is a liberal & values driven person to do?

a) Boycott the place by staying elsewhere? And let them know it?
b) Dont stay there but accept that the world is not at the same level as us (not that we are a country to preach gay rights) and not be so ethnocentric?
c) Stay there and accept that the world is not the same everywhere?

d) Stay at the hotel and talk/discuss with hotel staff & other guests about the issue?

I went with b).
Conservative yes, but who am I to go to another country and preach my way? 
I would hate it if the reverse was done to us.

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