Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Driving AND Talking

I take a lot of things for granted, but once in a while I get a wake up call and realise how lucky I am.

Another action/activity is now acknowledged in my bank; We take talking to our fellow passengers for granted.

Everyday I drive past a Deaf & Blind school on my way to work.  Normally, it's just another school & another school zone I must slow down for.

Today was different. Today while driving to work, I saw a young-ish man wanting to take a right hand turn & while he was waiting for a gap in the traffic, I saw him communicating with his passenger in sign language.

It dawned on me a few seconds after, that it's only when the car is stationary (waiting at at traffic light, waiting to take a right hand turn, stuck in traffic) that a deaf person can be communicated to if they or the driver is driving.  

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