Friday, May 31, 2013

Life's about ...

Life's about the journey.
Screw the journey, life's about the destination.
Life is a many splendored thing.*
Life is like a box of chocolates.

I heard another one the other day, I think it's my new favourite.

Life isn't about the journey or the destination, "it's about the passengers you travel with".#

It's beautiful and it goes to the core of why we do things. It's why we have children, go travelling, go to work and even to go get a cup of coffee. It's why I (sometimes) choose public transport over driving, working in the library as opposed being at home and why I tweet/blog.

Life really is all about about the connections we make.  The people you know, what you share of yourself and what you allow others to share with you.

We meet people all the time, multiple times throughout the day.  Your coffee guy, the bus driver, acquaintances, colleagues, school friends, family friends, random forgot-how-we're-friends friends, your besties, BFFs, etc.

Not all these people you can call a friend.  Not all of them will have your back but they all cause some sort of impact on your life and have lead you to become the person who you are today.

* It's really a song title, 'Love is a many splendored thing', that I took the liberty of.
# quote from a new ABC tv show called, "The Time of Our Lives"


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