Tuesday, May 14, 2013

(My) Budget Winners and Losers 2013

It's budget time.
In tonight and tomorrow's coverage there will be more talk of families that are struggling and those earning over $abc are poor. Yes, we all know families struggle, most of them do.  It's not unique to just families in 2013, families in the 60's, 70's, 80's were struggling too.

The budget needs to be equitable. It needs to benefit our truly needy now, it needs to nudge/prop up industry where there will be a strong need for it in the coming years and it needs to take into consideration the changing demographics and indicators in our society.

If I was in charge of the budget this year, here's some of what I would do.
  • More infrastructure for homes for Seniors (this is happening to some extent)
  • Subsidised fees for financial planning; retirees and those individuals/families earning less than average
  • Junk Food & (bad) Fast Food tax
  • Higher health insurance premiums/medicare levy for smokers
  • Private Health Insurance loading is not imposed on those individuals/families earning less than average
  • Get rid of the up-front rebate on university HECS/HELP fees (this is happening)
  • On-shore processing of refugees
  • Refugee families to live in communities and are entitled to work for up to 20hours per week
  • Cap the amount of government spending on Advertising.  Increase Social Media training for cabinet parliamentarians and their teams
  • Cap international travel for non-cabinet parliamentarians
  • No laptops for students
  • Encourage single stay-at-home parents to work/study.  Work with businesses to adopt flexible work practices.
  • Fund more 'green' research and jobs

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