Sunday, January 10, 2010

All the Pretty Colours!

I love colours! I love them everywhere!  I don't know why but it just makes me happy seeing all pretty rainbow-esque colours together.  There is something so simplistic and trouble-free about colours. They work together in unison to create that beautiful aura.

No one wants just a box full of just red or blue pencils, people want the whole spectrum.  I don't think anyone has ever opened a box of pencils or textas and has not been excited to test them all out and see what is their pick of the range. (Remeber Derwent pencils and Connector Pens?)

Colours help me:
  • Make my mood better :-)
  • Help me get a clearer head (I also like my colours sorted from lights to greys and blacks)
  • They helped me study - different colours are code for different things.
  • They help me be more organised - colours represent different things when I am at work and need to know what is connected and related to what.  
  • It keeps me organised - the clothes in my cupboard are arranged from lights to darks. (see right)
Colours are hard for me to resist.  So, te other day I found out that Moleskin (as in the diaries) have come out with a 2010 diary with a different coloured mini diary for each month.  I HAD to get my hands on one! I went from website to website hunting them down and finally came across them in Borders.  I looked and it and then realised after much umming and aahhhing ... its pretty, but in that format, it's so not practical.

I shelved it and decided to use that money (rrp $80) for something else.

Ooff! It was so hard not to buy it!  I bought myself a new set of textas instead.

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Clothes photo taken myself - my cupboard

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