Friday, January 22, 2010

Bad Promo over Summer

People think that just because its summer and people are off on holidays, they think they can get away with stupid decisions and dont really think things through.   Here are 2 of them.

1. Advertising by Fernwood.
While driving down Carlingford Rd one day I saw this billboard and automatically thought it was for either AMI with those massive sex signs or an ad for Foxtel.  When I read down the bottom, I was aghast! Yes, aghast that it was for the women's only gym, Fernwood.   (Picture not from Carlingford Rd)

I'm not offended by the ad, I just dont think that if you are pitching an advertising campaign to women who want to be part of  a womens only gym, you dont do something like this.  The image I have of Fernwood as a brand is more mature and tame, this just goes the opposite way.  If they want to re-brand, do a good job of it and re-brand properly.

2. I don't know why I have beef with him but I do. I can't stand people who are in the limelight for the sake of it.

Welcome Bondi Vet!

Not only does he treat animals who are not native to Bondi (camels, goats) but now he does the Weather report on Channel TEN. He's a smart guy (I think), he's a vet, why is he doing this kind of job?  I want my weather news from a reliable source.  Stick an image of the rardar up on the screen.  Half of Sydney already have it saved as a favourite.

Let's just hope he doesn't quit his day job!

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