Friday, March 20, 2009

GPS Systems are for Lazy Buggers!

Yes! It's true.

I have never owned one but from my experience using this stupid mono-tonal, narrow-minded machines, I would have a better way of going to most places and would know the back way to by-pass our god-awful traffic.

I would seriously give any taxi-driver a run for their money if I was competing in the "Annual Best Way to get from A to B in Sydney Competition" (if there was such a competition).

Ok sure, I don't know the whole of Sydney like the back of my hand but I don't drive to way out Arcadia or Zetland too often so I am excused. I know where I need to go and I don't need some smart-ass machine telling me how to get home.

If I'm lost, I will ask or go via instinct. If I don't know where I am heading, I look it up on and write down the address on a post-it note. I think the GPS was invented by men, for men. (The ones who don't have the balls to ask for directions! haha.)

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