Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Recession: Not in my dictionary!

There is too much political and media driven banter over the word Recession and Consumer Confidence. The recession in Australia is NOT officially here. We should not be thinking and talking about how to get out of recession, more thinking and talking should be done about what we are doing to prevent it and what to do to minimise the effects of negative growth and job loss.

The media play a HUGE role in this and I would essentially blame them for the way people are freaking out and band-wagon jumping. It does not help when people are told ohh its grim, its going to be a bad one, oh yes ... even K.Rudd is also to blame.

However. Consumer confidence is something that we voters have control over. We can either see the glass as half full or empty. We want out of this precarious position, so we need to think differently. Its not going to get worse before it gets better, its just going to get better! Think and do. Ever heard of a self-fulfilling prophecy? Recession? What recession?

Mac Bank shares? They're a bargain! Same with BHP and Woolies all our good Aussie Blue Chip shares. Go on, buy some! Buy your new LCD TV or that iPhone. You deserve it and you are helping the country to move into the black. I read somewhere that someone was donating all their cash handout to the victims of the Victorian Bushfires - yes, this money will be spent there.

Go on! Take that $900 and buy yourself something pretty!

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