Sunday, March 8, 2009

Who Cares?

Today in the Sunday Telegraph .... Joe Hockey spotted in the Strand Arcade. Who cares and who cares what he buys? Since when does the shopping behaviour of our politicians matter? Why do our journalists fill our newspapers with shite?

(Nothing against the guy but really, doesnt he also just want to be left alone?)

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Ayesha said...

A follow up to this ... Julie McGreggor of "Hey Dad" fame was spotted buying juice in the Blue Mountains. Need i say more!

This was also brought up on the Paul Murray show on Triple-M (Wed 18th March 2009). Really, what is going through the minds of the journalists? Do they need us nobody's to aspire to buy juice or shop in the Strand.

Guess what I did .... I stopped reading those stupid Hollywood and spotted columns in the press. I have better, more intelectually stimulating things to occupy my time.