Monday, March 16, 2009

User Friendly CityRail

Public transport in Sydney already has its problems and unites commuters in anger and frustration. A simple rolling of the eyes is suffice to know that someone is pissed off because the train on Platform 1 is 10min late.

In a move to make travelling a little more tense, CityRail have come up with a campaign which mirrors the kiddies game, Eye-Spy. 8 types of annoying passenger behaviours have been identified from The (seat) Hogger to The (phone) Yeller. The (loud music) Blarer to the (litter bug) Rubbisher and my favourite, The Splutterer (infecting the whole carriage with their disease ridden antigens).

CityRail have come up with a competition about what should the 9th offence be. Start looking! Although, I hardly ever catch trains and I already have a list.
  • The drunk and disorderly (especially Friday and Saturday nights)
  • The vagrant yeller (as opposed to the phone yeller)
  • The staring (potential) stalker
  • The clown lady (putting on her makeup to and from work)
  • The Stinker (either from B.O. or way too much perfume)

Will I win? Don't think so ... not too PC.

(Photos from: 16/03/2009)

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